Some Sort of Love (Happy Crazy Love #3)(17)

by Melanie Harlow

I moaned as his mouth moved down my neck. “Levi. You are gonna make me come, just like this, yes, yes, yes…” My entire body shook as the orgasm peaked, and he plunged his fingers even deeper, my insides contracting around them.

Just as my legs buckled, he caught me behind the knees and under my arms, swinging me onto the bed. I propped myself up on my elbows, breathing hard as I watched his hands finish off the buttons on his shirt and shrug it off. My toes wiggled and my stomach jumped as he whipped his t-shirt over his head.

Oh God, God, I loved that he had a real man’s body, and I don’t mean ultra-ripped like a bodybuilder’s, or groomed to perfection like an actor’s, or glossy and flawless like a magazine spread. I mean real, with meat on his bones and hair on his chest and a scar on one side of his stomach. I wanted to explore every inch of that body with my hands and lips and tongue. How much time did we have left?

He pulled his wallet from his back pocket and took a condom from it, tossing it onto the bed. Then he removed the rest of his clothes and stretched out above me, and I ran my hands all over his hot bare skin. He crushed his lips to mine, his hips settling between my thighs. I felt his long, thick cock between us and put my hands on his muscular ass, pulling him closer.

“Tell me we can do this again,” he said, his mouth hot on my skin as he kissed his way down my body. “I’ll never get enough tonight.”

“We can do this again.” I arched my back and threaded my fingers in his hair as he took one hard, tingling nipple in his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. “And again, and again, and again.”

“Promise?” One hand snuck between my legs, where I was wet and warm and aching for him.

“I promise. Oh God, Levi. I want you so badly.” He was moving lower on my body, kissing my belly button, pressing my thighs apart. I braced myself up on my elbows again. “No, stop! You don’t have to do that. You already made me come once, and we don’t have time to fool around.”

“Jillian.” He looked up at me from between my legs, his expression serious. “Do I look like a man who’s fooling around?”

“No, but—”

“Good. Because it so happens that I am taking this very…” He kissed the inside of one thigh. “Very…” His teeth grazed the other one. “Seriously.” He lowered his head, and I felt the whisper of his beard against soft, sensitive skin.

“But Levi, if you want to—”

He looked up at me again. “The only thing I want to do right now is make you come with my tongue. Are you telling me you don’t want that?” He cocked one eyebrow, and I gave him a helpless expression.

“I do, of course I do, but that’s, like, another thing for me, and—”

“It’s not, though. It’s not for you at all, so you can just fuck right off while I do this for me.”

Smiling, I dropped my head onto the pillow, jumping when his tongue swept up my silky wet seam, the hot pleasure of it shocking me. “Oh, God…that feels…too good to…argue with you.”

He laughed as he did it again, a low rumble from the back of his throat. Then he did it a third time, one long slow sweep, making my limbs tremble, finally lingering at the top and stroking my clit with the soft, flat side of his tongue before circling it with the firm tip. “You should never argue with me when I want this, Jillian, even if I want it all the time because you taste…so…fucking…good.” He paused between words to lick and suck and nibble and tease, and any thought of protest disappeared entirely as he ignited the fire inside me again, my lower body tensing up with every passing minute.

I saw red behind my closed eyes. “Levi—I’m gonna come again,” I whispered.

“Fuck yes, you are. I want to feel it, right here…” He slid those long fingers deep inside me again, pressing a certain spot that had me lifting my hips off the bed, desperate for more. “And right here.” He sucked my clit into his mouth, and I grabbed his head, holding him against me as I rocked my hips. Feeling his mouth on me was hot enough, but the second I looked down and saw his face buried in my pussy like he’d never get enough, I exploded, my head dropping back, my back arching off the bed, my mouth wide open in a silent scream, my toes pointing.

One long, low moan escaped him as my body shuddered and pulsed against his tongue and around his fingers. When the tremors finally abated, he took his mouth off me and crawled slowly up my body.

“You’re amazing,” I said breathlessly, reaching down to grab him under the arms and pull him up faster. “But I’m greedy. I still want more.”

“Yeah?” Getting to his knees, he picked up the condom from the bed, tore it open, and rolled it on. “What do you want now?”

My core muscles clenched, aching and empty, at the sight of his thick, hard length. “I want to feel you. Every inch of you. Deep.”

He braced himself over me with one arm and positioned his cock between my legs, torturing me with just the tip. “Every inch? You’ve got me so fucking hard right now, I’m not sure your sweet little body can take me that deep.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his hips. “Try me.”

He gave me a few more inches, a smile teasing his lips. “How’s that?”


He gave me a couple more. “How about here?”

Even though it felt like that was all I could take, I opened my knees wider, tried to scoot down beneath him. “Deeper, Levi. I want it to hurt.”

“Oh fuck.” Suddenly he slammed into me so deep and hard my eyes rolled back in my head and my feet dropped to the bed, my body fighting against the sharp twinge of pain. But he stayed there, buried to the hilt, his lips near my ear. “You shouldn’t say that to me. I’ll lose control.”

“I want you to.” Pushing past the discomfort, I ran my hands down his back and grabbed his ass, words tumbling from my mouth in shameless abandon as he began to move inside me. “I want you to lose control. I want you to fuck me like you can’t hold back.”

“Jesus Christ,” he growled, taking my head in his hands and grabbing two fistfuls of hair as he drove into me. “That gorgeous mouth, saying those filthy words. You’re making me crazy.”

“Good.” I dug my nails into his flesh, daring him to lose that last thread of control, even though I gasped at the jolt of pain that rippled through me every time he hit the deepest reaches of my body. “Don’t stop.”