Ball & Chain (Cut & Run #8)(6)

by Abigail Roux

Zane’s tongue flicked over the head of his cock, and Ty bit his lip against a moan.

“Oh God. You’re either having sex or being shot at, aren’t you?” Deuce asked with dread. “Why do you answer the phone?”

“Got to go,” Ty grunted as he swiped the phone off and tossed it into his pile of clothes, letting his hand join the other one in Zane’s hair.

Muffled laughter sent vibrations through Ty’s groin, and Zane pulled back, sucking all the way until Ty’s erection popped free and rubbed through the whiskers on his chin. “Who was it?”

“My ass**le brother,” Ty answered tightly.

Zane bit his lip, peering up at Ty and waiting.

“Please, Zane,” Ty begged, shameless. He slid his palm against Zane’s cheek, his fingers digging into the back of his neck. Zane nodded slightly before leaning forward, taking Ty in on his tongue. He couldn’t fit all of Ty’s erect c**k into his mouth, but it didn’t matter. He wasn’t teasing anymore; he was focusing on the endgame.

Ty did his best to keep his eyes open, watching as he disappeared between Zane’s lips. He wanted nothing more than to come down Zane’s throat. It was barely a matter of minutes with the visual stimulation, and Ty was soon gasping and tugging at Zane’s hair in warning.

Zane pulled off, wrapped his fingers around Ty to pump him hard, and leaned his forehead against Ty’s belly to kiss the warm skin.

Ty gritted out Zane’s name as he came hard, watching lasciviously as it splattered onto Zane’s throat and chest, onto his pressed dress shirt. As if on cue, his phone began to ring again. Zane jacked him through his orgasm, obviously not caring about how damn debauched he looked.

Ty’s hand moved to Zane’s shoulder and squeezed harder as his legs went weak and he began to sink toward the floor. Zane slid his arm around Ty’s waist, and Ty wound up on his knees, panting hard as they kissed. The phone continued to ring, ruining the afterglow with its obnoxious tune. Ty ignored it for as long as his conscience would allow. Zane hugged him close for a long moment before he nipped at his lower lip, then he reached for the phone.


Ty grunted at him and flopped to his back on the hardwood floor, unashamed. He could hear the tinny sound of his brother’s voice through the phone. “Push the speaker button,” he said to Zane.

Zane laughed at something Deuce said before jabbing the button and holding the phone out between them. “How’s it going, Deuce?” Zane asked warmly. He wiped at his mouth and chin with the back of one hand.

“I hope he at least buys you dinner before you do that,” Deuce said to Zane.

“I don’t have to bribe my bedmates,” Ty shouted at the phone. His brother laughed heartily. Ty couldn’t help but smile. He looked at Zane and winked.

“I called to ask you a favor, Ty,” Deuce said.

“Shoot,” Ty said lazily, still lying on the floor and enjoying the post-orgasm high.

“I want you to be my best man.”

Zane grinned. “You’re getting married, finally?”

“Yep, we settled on the details.”

Ty sat up, suddenly wishing he was wearing pants. “I better damn well be your best man,” he muttered as he crawled closer to his jeans and lay back down to slide them on.

“Calm yourself.” Deuce sounded very pleased with himself. “Zane? I expect you to be a groomsman as well. We’re keeping the guest list small, and frankly, I don’t know that many people I like.”

“Sounds like a circus,” Zane teased. “You know we’ll be there for whatever you need.” When Ty glanced up, Zane raised a brow in question and leaned to tug at Ty’s jeans leg, trying to dissuade him from putting them on.

Ty narrowed his eyes in warning. “I need pants on to talk about this,” he whispered.

“You know I can hear you, right?” Deuce said, voice wavering with laughter.

“Then you shouldn’t call when we’re in the middle of things! When’s this thing going to be?”

“Well . . . it’s next week.”

“Next week?” Ty blurted. “What’s the rush, man, you already knocked her up once!”

Zane smacked Ty in the head before he could duck.

“We’re getting married in Scotland. And we thought, what better time to do it than Christmas?”

“Scotland?” Zane echoed, perking up. “Does that mean Ty has to wear a kilt?”

“Christmas in Scotland sounds . . . cold,” Ty added.

“Get a hold of yourself,” Deuce said. “A week away, all expenses paid. I’ll email you the info.”

Zane looked positively gleeful. He offered Ty the phone as he shifted to get up. Ty watched him walk away, then pressed the speaker button again and put the phone to his ear. “Deacon,” he said softly.

“Beaumont,” Deuce replied in a low voice.

“Are you happy?”

“Very much so,” Deuce said. The answer would have been clear in his voice regardless.

Ty smiled. “Good.”

“I have another favor to ask you,” Deuce said quickly, his voice losing its enthusiasm.

Ty’s brow furrowed. “Anything.”

“Can you bring someone with you to the wedding?”

“What do you mean?”

“One of your Recon buddies.”

Ty sat up, his unbuttoned jeans forgotten. “What? Why?”

“Short version? Livi’s dad is concerned about safety. His company’s been getting threats, apparently. That’s why we’re rushing it. He’s got his own private bodyguards, but I’d feel a lot better if we had someone there who could put all his attention on the baby girl if anything goes wrong.”

“You want a bodyguard for the baby at your wedding?” Ty frowned harder. He glanced up when Zane came back into the kitchen, shrugging at the questioning look Zane gave him, and Zane turned to head back into the living room. Ty’s eyes lingered on his ass as he walked away.

“I know it sounds overboard, but I swear man, the way her dad talks, it makes me paranoid. And I don’t want to have to worry on my wedding day.”

“Yeah, no,” Ty said quickly. “I got it. I’ll call someone.”

“I’ll make him a groomsman so he’ll have access to all the crap we’re going to have to go through. Pay his way, everything. And give him a guest. It’s only fair. All on us.”