Belle Aurora

Book List

  •  -  Raw (RAW Family #1)
  •  -  Lev (Shot Callers #1)
  •  -  Willing Captive
  •  -  About Last Night

  •  -  Friend-Zoned (Friend-Zoned #1)
  •  -  Love Thy Neighbour (Friend-Zoned #2)
  •  -  Sugar Rush (Friend-Zoned #3)

  •  -  Night Fury: First Act (Night Fury #1)
  •  -  Night Fury: Second Act (Night Fury #2)

  • About The Author

    Belle Aurora is twenty six years old and was born in the land down under. At an early age she fell in love with reading. Boredom one summer had her scouring the bookshelves at home. She stumbled across Sandra Brown’s Breath of Scandal and fell in love with romance. Having been brought up in a loud and boisterous family of Croatian descent, she developed a natural love for dramatics and humor. Only some years ago had she discovered a new love. Humorous romance novels.
    Kristen Ashley and R.L. Mathewson had opened a brand new world where she could lose herself yet feel safe and at home in their stories. Belle has been known to become a screeching banshee while anxiously awaiting their newest titles.
    Belle never thought she would write. It had never interested her until recently. Friend-Zoned began to form and in February this year Belle typed the words Chapter One. And she fell in love.