Barbara Kingsolver

Book List

  •  -  The Bean Trees (Greer Family #1)
  •  -  Pigs in Heaven (Greer Family #2)
  •  -  Animal Dreams
  •  -  The Poisonwood Bible
  •  -  The Lacuna
  •  -  Flight Behavior

  • About The Author

    Barbara Kingsolver was born in 1955 in Annapolis, Maryland, and grew up in rural Kentucky. She counts among her most important early influences: the Bookmobile, a large family vegetable garden, the surrounding fields and woods, and parents who were tolerant of nature study but intolerant of TV. Beginning around the age of nine, Barbara kept a journal, wrote poems and stories, and entered every essay contest she ever heard about. Her first published work, "Why We Need a New Elementary School," included an account of how the school's ceiling fell and injured her teacher. The essay was printed in the local newspaper prior to a school-bond election; the school bond passed. For her efforts Barbara won a $25 savings bond, on which she expected to live comfortably in adulthood.