All I Ever Need Is You (The Sullivans #14)(15)

by Bella Andre

Adam was still fully clothed, but even without taking anything off, this was the hottest sex he’d ever had in his life.

She rocked into him again and again, both of them taking her higher and higher until she stilled on a gasp, then shattered—utterly shattering him at the same time. And even when she finally started to settle against him, her breathing ragged, he continued to kiss her.

Adam couldn’t get enough of any part of Kerry, especially her mouth. Their kisses had gone full circle already, from soft to desperate and back to sweet—but he knew it wouldn’t be long before desperation caught them again. Especially when he swept her up into his arms, their lips still pressed together so that he drank in her sound of surprise and then her laughter at being carried through the suite.

Laughing while kissing wasn’t something Adam had ever done before. But he suddenly found himself wanting to brush his fingertips over all the sensitive parts of Kerry’s body and kiss her while she laughed and he laughed with her. He loved making her smile, loved knowing he’d pleased her. All he wanted tonight was to please her over and over and over again.

He lowered her onto the big bed, only moving his lips from hers because he needed to taste the rest of her. Needed to run kisses over every inch of her beautiful skin as he finally stripped her completely bare.

Thankfully, she wasn’t nervous anymore, wasn’t at all shy as he moved his hands and mouth down over her curves, from her shoulder, where he lightly sank in his teeth so that she shuddered, to the soft and sensitive undersides of her breasts. He moved lower then, dropping one kiss after another over her stomach and the upper curves of her hips. Lace still covered her, but not for long as he slowly tugged it down until she was finally completely bare. Totally perfect. And all his.


Her beauty tugged at him, made him feel possessive.



In one quick move he had her thigh over his shoulder, his mouth on her core, and his tongue playing over the sweetest flesh imaginable. Her hips came off the bed, and he slid his hands beneath to help bring her even closer.

She was liquid heat against him, burning like fire from the inside out, and as she climaxed again against his lips and tongue, the sounds and sensations of her pleasure were nearly enough to send him over, too.

Making a woman who was always so controlled lose hold of it was the sexiest thing imaginable.

* * *

Kerry had never known such mind-bending pleasure. Had never actually thought anything so sweet, so sinful, could exist.

And if she had known it?

Well, she thought with a smile she couldn’t possibly contain, she would never have waited so long to experience all of the shockingly good benefits of tangling with a bad boy. Especially when both of them clearly knew that what they shared beneath the sheets—or outside of the sheets, she thought with another smile—would never leave their hotel suite.

Knowing no one would come to harm from tonight, or any other night they decided to play these wicked and wonderful games together, made it easy for her to reach for him as he kissed his way back up her naked body. And to say, “It’s my turn now.”

Adam was much bigger than she, but desire—and desperation to get him out of his clothes—made her strong. Strong enough to turn them over in the bed so that he was beneath her and she was pressing a kiss over each inch of his chest that she bared as she undid his shirt.

“You taste so good.” She licked out against the flexing muscles of his abdomen and they jumped beneath her tongue. “Amazingly good.” She lifted her eyes to his as she put her hand on his belt buckle and said, “I want to taste more.”

He groaned, and she felt him pulse against the palm she’d just laid flat over his erection. She could feel how big, how hard he was, had felt it as they’d kissed by the suite’s front door. But it wasn’t enough to feel him through fabric anymore—she needed him skin to skin.

Clearly wanting the same thing, he got the rest of his clothes off within seconds. Her brain scrambled as she looked at all those muscles, all that tanned skin, all that hunger for her. Jumbled enough that the only word she could think was mine.

For tonight at least, Adam Sullivan, with his dark, intense eyes, with a mouth made for kissing, and with those magical, knowing hands, was all hers.


And then there was no room for thinking, no space for anything but instinct. And pleasure. She lowered her mouth to his chest first, running her lips south with soft and teasing kisses until she couldn’t stand to tease either of them anymore as she ran her tongue over him. His hands tangled in her hair, her name falling from his lips again and again. Pleading and pleasured all at the same time. And then, finally, she took him inside on a hum of pleasure she couldn’t contain.

His growl echoed in the room as she found herself suddenly lying back against the mattress, Adam kissing her with ferocious passion. He drew back from her lips just far enough to say, “Now, Kerry. I need you now.”

She knew it was his way of asking her, yet again, if she was ready for this. Ready for him. Even after what they’d already done—their hands and mouths all over each other—he obviously needed to know that she was still okay with taking the final step.

If any part of her had still been cold, his concern would have warmed her up completely. But she was already there—beyond ready to be with him. So instead of answering with words, she reached for one of the condoms he’d put on the bedside table and together they sheathed him. By the time his mouth found hers again, she was already wrapping her legs around his hips. In one perfect upthrust of her hips, she took him all the way inside.

In a heartbeat, he was unleashed. No more reserve, no more worry. Just wicked, sinful passion.

She met him thrust for thrust, stroke for stroke, gasp for gasp. And just as she’d never known there could be pleasure this sweet, she’d also never realized that she could become part of someone else. That Adam’s heartbeat could mesh with her own. That his sweat could become hers. And that his pleasure would take her even higher than the very highest peak.

Together they climbed.

And together, wrapped in each other’s arms, they fell.



And kissing.

Then kissing some more.

Kerry drank in every one of Adam’s sweet kisses while his mouth never left hers. Her arms and legs were still wrapped all around him, his hands were tangled in her hair. And she had never felt so good in all her life.